When Lake Kariba was formed in 1958 the area began to support a booming fishing industry in both Zimbabwe and Zambia. 

The Tanganyika sardine, otherwise known as the ‘Kapenta’, was a major source of food for people around the lake, and still is today. This species also happens to be a favourite food for the tiger fish. With such an abundance of prey, the tigers of Kariba can grow to over 14kg, providing remarkable fishing opportunities for anyone who likes a big fight on their hands.


There are many splendid fishing locations on Kariba, but one of the best is surely the Sanyati Gorge, where steep cliffs rise on either side of the gorge for 13km up from the lake. In other parts of the lake you’ll find fish eagles watching over as you cast out your line, elephant and antelope grazing on the lush growth along the waterline, and in the clear, unpolluted waters of the lake itself, the tiger fish are waiting.

Matusadona offers fully-catered fishing charters on the lake as well as the opportunity to experience the general magic of Kariba in style and comfort. Enjoy big game viewing alongside Matusadona National Park, the cosy cabins and fine cuisine while searching out the best fishing spots on the lake.

Kariba. Zimbabwe

Matusadona pulls three smaller boats behind her, ideal for quick trips out as well as morning or afternoon fishing expeditions to get the most out of your time out on the water. We’ll take along a packed lunch and cooler box full of drinks and food, spending as long as we need out there, trying out all the special spots on the lake and searching out the biggest tigers we can find.

Fishing on Lake Kariba is amazing for most of the year, including the winter months, when there are many other fish species to be caught, including Nile Tilapia, chessa, nkupe, cat-fish (Vundu) and even Cornish Jack.


All in all, Kariba is without a doubt one of the best places in Africa to fish for tigers. And with the added comforts and experiences of a fully-chartered safari cruiser such as Matusadona, you simply can’t go wrong on Lake kariba.

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Written by Paul Steyn