The middle deck of Matusadona is the practical deck where the crew spends much of their time; but it’s also a place to relax during the heat of the day, read or watch television, and feast and drink the night away at the open air dining table.

The captain’s helm and the kitchen are towards the front, and the main dining table at the aft of this elegant cruiser. Here, you will have stunning outside dinners, relax in the main lounge or spend some time viewing wildlife along the side of the boat at eye level.


The main lounge, where you can relax and read a book, have an afternoon nap or perhaps even watch a dvd on the flat screen television provided.


The main outside dining table on the aft of the outside deck. This is where the beautiful dinners are served in the evening.

Kariba. Zimbabwe

A fresh lunchtime salad on the middle deck dining table

Deck Saloon5

Meet the crew at the helm of the Matusadon. Captain, Newturn Jack (Left), Cook, Tendai Mapurazi (Middle) and Steward, Conwell Mapurazi (Right) 

Deck Saloon4

Kitchen with a view of the helm and beyond.

Kariba. Zimbabwe

In the main lounge is a work desk with lots of space for laptops and photography equipment, including plug points to charge everything.

Kariba. Zimbabwe

If it’s not the best weather outside, eat at the main dining room table with convenient window access to the kitchen.

For enquiries on chartering Matusadona see here.